About Us

Jutexpo are the pioneering supplier of ethically-produced, reusable shopping bags.  We supply the highest quality rPET bags (Recycled from Plastic Bottles), jute bags, juco (75% jute 25% cotton) and cotton bags. Founded in 2002, we have now sold over 85 million bags to date. All our bags are eco-friendly and more reusable than any other disposable plastic bag. Each bag has an expected lifespan of 3-4 years, thus replacing the need for 600 plastic disposables!

We supply all major supermarkets and many independent businesses and non-commercial organisations, irrespective of their size. Together with our partners we take our responsibilities to our staff and customers very seriously. To ensure best practice at all times, we commission regular Ethical and Technical audits at our factory and will only source from suppliers and producers who operate under these principles. We were also awarded a Grade A from the British Retail Consortium Global Standards and are proud to be leading the market with this.

See our Ethics page for more information. If you are interested in customising 250+ bags for your business, visit our Customised bags page.